Thursday, December 30, 2010

You will never forget this New Year’s night!

In the USA as in Western Europe people celebrate Christmas with their families. And what about New Year? This is not a family holiday; it is celebrated on evening-parties with friends. A glass of champagne at midnight and much of fun till next morning are invariable. Highly colored parades, other spectacular events, Christmas sales in popular shops are organized in these holidays.
Traditionally the centre of the New Year’s celebration is the Times Square in New York. Only here at 11:59 P.M. happens the great launch of the big brilliant ball. It’s a symbol of New Year. Much of different colors confetti is falling down from skyscrapers. Here are thousands of people. If you want to have a holiday supper in any restaurant near Times Square, you should reserve the table beforehand. Then you give a special admission and can go on the Square. You can use Phone2Restaurants – a new free iPhone app which could help you to find a needed restaurant, call there and reserve a table. You will do it for 5 minutes!
If you are a guest of New York you should see one of the legendary Broadway’s performances or go on the holiday evening Manhattan streets. Fashion shops make big sales on these days. If you don’t want to get lost in New York - use Phone2NewYork free iPhone app. It’s a perfect guide for you, especially if you are in New York at the first time.
There are many people who want to celebrate New Year in New York. That’s why you don’t have to put off buying air tickets and reserving hotels. If you want to save your time – use Phone2Hotels free iPhone app. Find needed hotel, call them and reserve a room. You can do it using only one app.
After rich festive days in winter New York you can warm oneself under the tropic sun of Miami Beach or go in Disneyland. Choose anything you want!
New Year in the New world – it’s a great idea! You will never forget it!

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