Monday, September 27, 2010

User Stories

Phone2Anything iPhone app has been recently released and got some feedback from its users.
I'd like to quote some of them.

Rick Totton: "I use this app to find places of interest around me where ever I am. I like finding new places and it is very helpful to see what other people have to say about them. Your app is easy to use and has a good category list. I also think the places it finds is more complete then some of the other apps. I tried the search section again and, yes, it worked to find all the Italian restaurants in my search area. Thanks, I will use it more now. "

Thank you Rick, we are working to make your life easier!

Al Saganich: "I've been using p2a for a while now. Mostly I use it traveling, lately I used it in CA to find places to eat. I would love to be able to sort those btw by ratings. Before that to find a local car service too/from the airport.

The app is easy to use, and I like it. Would be nice to search for restrooms as well."

Thanks Al, we are glad to hear from all of Phone2Anything users, after all, we are here for you!

Thanks for your positive responses, Phone2Anything welcomes everyone to share their thoughts, experience and impressions!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Find Phone2Anything in Social Media

Yes, we have socialized this cool app, so people could find more about it and reach out to Phone2Anything using the sources they've got used to.

So, join our group on LinkedIn, become our fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

You know, it's an interesting thing... people are looking for an app that fits their requirements. And we thought that it's great to create something that would not only be informative, but also convenient to use. That's why we have Community Discussions section - this one is for Phone2Anything users - people can help each other with advice. Simple example. You want to travel to some other country, why use Google? Ask real people to help you with your choice! Post same question via p2a app on Facebook, your friends would surely like to help.
Today people spend much time with their computers, but they spend even more time using their phones.
Phone2Anything application helps bring your life to your phone, to make it more convenient to you.
Discover these options, and we'll come back later to talk about some other stuff.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Finally the “Ultimate Finder” App for iPhones Worldwide

FREE Phone2Anything app will help you find anything, from your iPhone. You can search locally, in other cities, or on the web. You can even ask your Facebook friends and other people to help you find what you are looking for. One “search app” does it all!

Durham, NH, Sep 10 2010: After many months of development, Store2Phone Corp ( is releasing the “ultimate finder” app for iPhones worldwide. Auto discover or specify your location(s) and search for nearby attractions, cafes, banks & ATMs, convenience stores, entertainment, gas stations, groceries, hotels, movies, parking garages, pharmacies, post offices, restaurants, specialty stores, transportation, etc. Want to go to the movies or a restaurant but not sure how to get there? Looking for a gas station or the closest car rental? Do a simple search or ask the app community or your friends on Facebook to help you. Before, you had to look in many places and spend a lot of time searching. Now you can spend less time on searches with the app that does it all!

Ask your friends on Facebook and share info on Twitter

Some unique features of the Phone2Anthing app are its Facebook and Twitter interfaces with which users can post questions & answers, comments, and reviews on their Facebook pages or in the Community Discussions section of the app. This allows users to ask any question and receive help from their Facebook or other app users instead of just Google. Users can also tweet things they like directly from the app onto their Twitter page.

If you are going to another city or country, ask the Community for advice: what hotels are better, which restaurants they recommend, etc.; for example, if you want to go to L.A., ask people who live or have been there, for the best Mexican restaurant. You can also post questions within your geo location. For example, if you’re looking for a handyman near you, ask for recommendations in your own area. After all, that's how people found things before computers! If you are searching for particular models of a DVD player, do an online search and compare prices in online stores. And, you can give your own advice and recommendations to other users, too!


• Search:
o Local (near you)
o Remote (other cities/countries)
o Online (on the web)
• Business and Geo-Location (find specific business in a specific place)
• Calling and Texting (you can call or email directly from your iPhone)
• Save places you like in Favorites and one button adds to contacts
• Maps and Directions (detailed descriptions help in your search)
• User Comments/Ratings (not sure about something? Find out what others think about it.)
• Share Findings (find something interesting? Share it with others!)
• Community Discussions (ask Community to help you in case you need advice)
• Facebook Interface (ask your friends on Facebook to help you)
• Twitter Interface (tweet things you like directly from the app)
• Give and Receive Help (become a part of Community and help others)
• Convenience (no need to spend time on Google search)

Get your FREE iPhone App now:

Business Owners: You can private label this app for your business!
• Drive traffic to your retail locations and website
• Help users find your store with maps and directions
• Announce new products
• Offer specials and coupons
• Build loyal community around your brand
• Engage your fans into discussions

Get private label info at:

About Store2Phone Corp: is a company devoted to creating unique and innovative software for mobile computing.