Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Such thing as planning where to go to have dinner shouldn’t become a problem.

We live in order to eat or we eat in order to live? This is a philosophical question. You can think what you want and choose the only one. But no one will argue with the fact that food is an indispensable means for maintenance strength, health, shape and good mood. Those who say that food is only a way to survive – lose much. Food is a real pleasure and a real skill. I always admire cook’s skill; they cook so tasty things that look beautiful.
In modern world we have no time for cooking. We spend the most part of our life on our job. We can’t cook. We can employ a cook or order food from supermarket. And of course we can eat in restaurant, bar, café or pizzeria. Thanks God there are hundreds of places, in which we can eat. We should only choose the place based on our needs and possibilities.

How to choose a good restaurant? Download Phone2Restaurants free iPhone app and you can find the best restaurant or café for you and your family or friends. You can be a student, a businessman, a housewife – it doesn’t matter. Phone2Restaurants will find you the best place for your rest.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hotels have become a part of our life. Make it a good one.

Life in hotels became an imprescriptible part of modern man’s lifestyle. Do you plan your vacation? After you’ve chosen a place you need to choose a hotel. It’s important for all people to live comfortably, to eat tasty and variously and to have a good rest (with a swimming pool, sports hall, sauna, restaurants and bars, disco etc.). A good hotel is the most important part of the rest. Usually a good vacation depends on hotel’s quality.
If you need to choose a place for a business meeting, business talks or press conference, you will choose a hotel, of course. This is all you need to organize and realize talks or conference on the high level: spacious conference-hall or a comfortable room for a little company. Qualified personnel will serve you, that’s why you don’t have to worry about anything. You just need to arrive in the hotel in time.
Do you want to organize a perfect party for your child’s 16th birthday and invite all his/her friends? You need a hotel and it will depend on your purse’s size. You don’t need to organize a party at home! Of course if you don’t want to clean it after the party. You can simply have a birthday party at any hotel.
You won’t find the best place if you want to organize a wedding. You can spend a good time and comfortably place your guests for the night, that’s why they won’t look for a taxi at 3 A.M. to come home.
And now there is the most interesting question: how to choose a needed hotel to take a little time and to bring much use?

The progress is moving ahead. You don’t need to turn over the Yellow pages and then call. If you have an iPhone you can download a special app - Phone2Hotels and then you will solve problems connected with choosing a hotel. You can set a location and Phone2Hotels will give you a list of nearby hotels. You can call them, reserve a room or arrange organization of some meeting, or a party, or a conference. You can do it quickly and easily with only one thing. It’s a Phone2Hotels free iPhone app.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving Gift

Thanksgiving Day is a great reason to visit relatives that live far away. This is a good chance to gather with the whole family, to communicate with parents, brothers and sisters. We meet our relatives very seldom because of our work. Our career takes much time and we have no time for being with our family.
That’s why all people prefer to return home to receive love and cordiality from closest relatives. In days like this people forget about job, they think about family.
It is also a great chance to celebrate this holiday with friends. But if you want to meet all your friends, you should stay by your kitchen range for a long time. And you will do it, because you want to cook something special and tasty and you want to make something nice for your friends.
My friend Monica had these thoughts, when she invited her friends to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. She wanted to have a good evening, but she didn’t know how hard it is to organize. She invited 10 people. What should she cook to surprise them? It’s not enough just to make a great turkey. Then what?
So, Monica ended up with a headache. She is a really responsible girl and likes to plan all things beforehand. Of course she didn’t want to get to the traffic jam on a way to the supermarket, and stand in a big queue. She wanted to do all things beforehand. Even if she needed just to choose a menu and buy a food.
We live in the XXI century, that’s why no one will read a cookbook. Thanks to Internet technology we can get any information. Monica looked through Google and almost fell asleep. So unnecessary and useless information she found!
Monica was sad but then she remembered one way that will help her to get necessary information. She got a new iPhone app 2 months ago. It’s called Phone2Anything and once helped her to organize a wonderful trip. She decided to know how this app can help her now.
In searching line she entered “Thanksgiving 2010” – and saw places where it can be celebrated. But she didn’t need restaurants, she needed recipes. And she found them. Understandable, simple and tasty – just like she wanted. She asked real people about how they will celebrate that holiday and what they will cook.
Now Monica has time for preparing to Thanksgiving Day and she is sure that it will be a good evening.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No more “I don’t know where I am honey”

By the nature of work, I often have to go on business trips.
Traveling can be among life's greatest pleasures but it can also be frustrating and discouraging.
A week ago I visited Boston for the first time. This was my first trip to Boston alone and frankly speaking I was a bit worried. Boston is not the easiest place to get around, especially when you didn’t have time to organize your trip well. Some business partners of mine told me that they used an iPhone app that helped them orient in another cities and countries with no problem – Phone2Anything, so I’ve decided to take their advice.
I’ve downloaded and installed Phone2Anything to my iPhone, and it turned out to
be beyond my expectations. The app was really useful in my trip.
The amount of hassle and stress this saved me … wow!
Phone2Anything app quickly showed me all the places that I needed to find: a restaurant, a hotel, a gas station…. It even gave me directions to get there, plus phone numbers so I could easily call anywhere! Finding any place was so easily and I could instantly call them.
The interface is simple and intuitive and the information provided is clear and concise.
I would recommend it to anyone who travels, it is a perfect travel companion to manage all the booking, parking, transportation, maps, hotels, restaurant etc. What I really liked to discover, is that Phone2Anything provides connect with Facebook friends and Twitter followers. I can easily share any finding with people on Facebook and Twitter. I even saved the map of the place I was on a business trip, to my photo album on Facebook, so my wife knew where I was and didn’t worry that much.
You know how it always is on board the plane – really boring, so I can take some time to read the Community discussions section of the app. People ask and answer questions there, maybe I can help…
To sum it all up I can tell that Phone2Anything is my favorite app when I travel!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Make your iPhone more useful

I got my first iPhone on my birthday. I was happy, because I heard many positive references about this device. I had a dream and now it’s true – I have an iPhone! But soon I got a problem. I got accustomed to use a simple phone. I only called and sent messages with it. That’s all, nothing more. But in my mind it’s wrong – to have an iPhone and not to use all its possibilities.
I know it’s strange and sometimes stupid, but there are a lot of people with the same problems. They buy iPhones because it’s fashionable. But they don’t know how to use it. They can boast about it among their classmates or friends, but if they ask:”What can your iPhone do?” – There is a long pause in the talk.
So, I got a problem and decided to solve it. Because I didn’t want to look like a stupid girl among my friends.
I was on some forums and I saw after several consultations that my iPhone can do all! Really can. It takes the place of computers, so I can use Internet due to my iPhone. But it’s not all.
Other users told me that I can download a lot of applications on my iPhone, which will make my life easier, than it was. There are some apps, that can identify my location, so if I get lost somewhere in Texas (where my friends to whom I will go for a week-end, live), my application will show me my location and the nearby. Other applications can find needed objects. So if I want to find a hotel or a restaurant in Texas or somewhere in the USA – I don’t need to use the Internet.
People on that forum advised me to download one new app, Phone2Anything. They said that it’s a real godsend for travellers (as I am) because it not just identifies your current location, shows nearby attractions, and all, it also does a search online, so you can specify any location you’re actually interested in. And the app will treat you as if you are in that location you’ve set up. I wanted to go to Bulgaria, so I can take care of my vacation right now. I can find the best hotel and reserve the room. I can find out information about nearby restaurants and clubs. And I can do that all due to my iPhone. So easy, so quickly.