Thursday, February 24, 2011

Participate in Most Urgent discussions from your iPhone

New version of Phone2Anything, Phone2Restaurants, Phone2Hotels, Phone2Parking, Phone2Golf, Phone2NYC, Phone2Chicago, Phone2LA is available. From now on users will get pop-up notifications announcing new discussion on the Community Forum. Logged in users will see badges on app and on discussion tab indicating number of unread discussions.

Well-known and appreciated iPhone apps from Store2Phone Inc. got their upgrade that helps always keep in touch with people all over the Globe. Before that you had to go to the Community Discussion tab to see if there is anything new, and now you will receive pop-up notifications each time a new discussion begins, or a new answer is given.

We ask and answer questions every day. It’s easy to ask a real person for advice when you want to choose a place to have a vacation, or if you’re looking for a good Mexican restaurant in a specific region. People give you their feedback and impressions. It’s also great when you can suggest something for another person.

Users receive notifications when a new discussion is started and when a response is added to a discussion they are participating in. It helps to keep track of what people share, need and ask you for. Help them. Be the expert. Ask for advice.

This new feature allows Phone2Anything, Phone2Restaurants, Phone2Hotels, Phone2Parking, Phone2Golf, Phone2NYC, Phone2Chicago, Phone2LA users to:

-See new discussions
-See new answers on discussions
-Participate in Community’s life
-Get help from real people
-Give advice to others

It’s fun, it’s easy, it helps communicate with others who want to share findings, ask a question or give advice.

If you haven’t yet registered with one of these apps you use, then hesitate no more! Sigh up, log in and be in the know with most recent news, questions and discussions.

The new versions are available on the Apple App Store. Click here to download.

About Store2Phone Corp: is a company devoted to creating unique and innovative software for mobile computing.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Most Innovative Christmas App

Phone2Anything has captured the second spot in the Category the Most innovative Christmas app. Thanks for everybody who voted for us.

We also want to congratulate the other prize-winners. You can see the full list for Holiday App Award's winners here.

Download Phone2Anything if you haven't yet done so, and see the benefits you get with it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More than just a game!

Perfect green fields, which combine park style and classical “links”, enter a view to the top of Pyrenees… Snow-white golf-cars like yachts slowly swim far away along artificial reservoirs. And all fans of golf game spend their time sparkling with their clubs under the shining sun around that beauty.
Who they are? David Beckham, Michael Jordan, Kevin Costner, Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood, Kathrin Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, Bill Clinton, Matthew McConaughey and other well-known persons choose golf game. Why golf? It’s easy. Golf is the most prestige game, “the game of kings”.
Golf is the game of real ladies and gentlemen. Plus-fours, jacket, classical pullover without sleeves – these are things that compose a player’s image and the culture of golf. It’s more than just a game. It’s a style of life and a mentality. Bill Clinton said that he couldn’t save a peace of mind, if he didn’t play golf from time to time.
Membership in a golf club is very prestige. Every golf club is not just a clearing for playing. It’s a chain of restaurants, bars or saunas. That’s why the most of businessmen who want to develop their business and establish good relations with their partners buy a membership in a golf club. It’s a good start and a perfect opportunity to strike up an acquaintance. If you want to organize a meeting with your partners (or future partners) or just want to start playing golf use Phone2Golf free iPhone app. It’s very easy especially if you don’t know anything about golf. You can choose a shop to buy everything for your game. You can also ask real people about golf game using only Phone2Golf.

It is not known what will be with the golf empire without Scottish herdsmen. Professional golf gamers say that this kind of sport changes every day and sometimes it changes beyond recognition.