Thursday, February 24, 2011

Participate in Most Urgent discussions from your iPhone

New version of Phone2Anything, Phone2Restaurants, Phone2Hotels, Phone2Parking, Phone2Golf, Phone2NYC, Phone2Chicago, Phone2LA is available. From now on users will get pop-up notifications announcing new discussion on the Community Forum. Logged in users will see badges on app and on discussion tab indicating number of unread discussions.

Well-known and appreciated iPhone apps from Store2Phone Inc. got their upgrade that helps always keep in touch with people all over the Globe. Before that you had to go to the Community Discussion tab to see if there is anything new, and now you will receive pop-up notifications each time a new discussion begins, or a new answer is given.

We ask and answer questions every day. It’s easy to ask a real person for advice when you want to choose a place to have a vacation, or if you’re looking for a good Mexican restaurant in a specific region. People give you their feedback and impressions. It’s also great when you can suggest something for another person.

Users receive notifications when a new discussion is started and when a response is added to a discussion they are participating in. It helps to keep track of what people share, need and ask you for. Help them. Be the expert. Ask for advice.

This new feature allows Phone2Anything, Phone2Restaurants, Phone2Hotels, Phone2Parking, Phone2Golf, Phone2NYC, Phone2Chicago, Phone2LA users to:

-See new discussions
-See new answers on discussions
-Participate in Community’s life
-Get help from real people
-Give advice to others

It’s fun, it’s easy, it helps communicate with others who want to share findings, ask a question or give advice.

If you haven’t yet registered with one of these apps you use, then hesitate no more! Sigh up, log in and be in the know with most recent news, questions and discussions.

The new versions are available on the Apple App Store. Click here to download.

About Store2Phone Corp: is a company devoted to creating unique and innovative software for mobile computing.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Most Innovative Christmas App

Phone2Anything has captured the second spot in the Category the Most innovative Christmas app. Thanks for everybody who voted for us.

We also want to congratulate the other prize-winners. You can see the full list for Holiday App Award's winners here.

Download Phone2Anything if you haven't yet done so, and see the benefits you get with it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More than just a game!

Perfect green fields, which combine park style and classical “links”, enter a view to the top of Pyrenees… Snow-white golf-cars like yachts slowly swim far away along artificial reservoirs. And all fans of golf game spend their time sparkling with their clubs under the shining sun around that beauty.
Who they are? David Beckham, Michael Jordan, Kevin Costner, Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood, Kathrin Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, Bill Clinton, Matthew McConaughey and other well-known persons choose golf game. Why golf? It’s easy. Golf is the most prestige game, “the game of kings”.
Golf is the game of real ladies and gentlemen. Plus-fours, jacket, classical pullover without sleeves – these are things that compose a player’s image and the culture of golf. It’s more than just a game. It’s a style of life and a mentality. Bill Clinton said that he couldn’t save a peace of mind, if he didn’t play golf from time to time.
Membership in a golf club is very prestige. Every golf club is not just a clearing for playing. It’s a chain of restaurants, bars or saunas. That’s why the most of businessmen who want to develop their business and establish good relations with their partners buy a membership in a golf club. It’s a good start and a perfect opportunity to strike up an acquaintance. If you want to organize a meeting with your partners (or future partners) or just want to start playing golf use Phone2Golf free iPhone app. It’s very easy especially if you don’t know anything about golf. You can choose a shop to buy everything for your game. You can also ask real people about golf game using only Phone2Golf.

It is not known what will be with the golf empire without Scottish herdsmen. Professional golf gamers say that this kind of sport changes every day and sometimes it changes beyond recognition.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don’t be afraid to make your dreams come true!

So, holidays passed and the whole world started to work again. People were absorbed in their work. Many gifts, a very good mood, feeling of joy and many plans, dreams and objectives stayed after a wonderful Christmas and a merry New Year’s party.
This year have just started, that’s why we have a great opportunity for planning a lot of things. Somebody wants to change a job which will bring money. Other people want to have business and think about partners for it. Many people dream about vacation and choose between a walking tour, ski resort and voyage. Somebody plans a luxury wedding and thinks about a beautiful place. Plaza or Helmsley Park Lane Hotel? Other people choose a good school near their home.
We are all different. We have different dreams, objectives and needs. Unfortunately realization of our plans depends not only on us. But if we want it – we have to get it!
We have more opportunities than we had before. Now we can achieve our goals and realize our plans easily. The problem is not to be swamped with a lot of information. But this problem has a good solution which makes it possible to save time for search.
These are new free iPhone apps which were developed for people who value every minute. They permit to simplify searching of information. All depends only on your aims.
Phone2Anything is an app which can help to find anything anywhere.
Phone2Restaurants will help you to find any restaurant for your wedding or birthday party.
When you plan your vacation, use Phone2Hotels. It doesn’t matter where you want to go – Phone2Hotels will find you the best hotel.
If you want to see such big cities as New York, Chicago or Los Angeles but don’t want to get lost – use Phone2NewYork, Phone2Chicago and Phone2LosAngeles free iPhone apps. You will feel yourself much comfortably in unknown city.
Don’t be afraid of making big plans. Dreams will come true. If you wish something – it will happen.
And a new free iPhone apps will help you to not get lost in the stream of information.

Monday, January 10, 2011

From Russia with love!

Usually New Year is celebrated 10 days in Russia. 6 years ago a new law was accepted and now the most of Russians don’t know what to do for so long time. That’s why they are very glad to go to work. Lucky guys!
That’s good if you have a chance to go away. It’s like a little vacation.
My friend Mary had that chance. Her friends have been living in the USA for about six month and invited her to celebrate New Year. She told me about her long week-end: “I flew in the USA before that terrible transport collapse. I’m a lucky girl I think. My friends live in a little town Elmhurst, Illinois. It’s situated near Chicago, the city of my dreams, so I wanted to see it. I don’t know why I like it. Maybe because of gangster’s stories that I heard in my childhood.
We celebrated New Year’s Day at friend’s home in a good company. I really love this holiday, it reminds me of my beautiful childhood, with the decorated tree, long-awaited presents and a big family around the table. Good and happy time!
The next day, at 1st of January, we went to Chicago. My friends didn’t have such long holidays, that’s why they agreed to be with me in Chicago only on the week-end. I wasn’t upset and believed that I would spend my vacation very fun even if I was alone.
My friends reserved the room in the hotel during our journey. I was really surprised. How did they do it without a reference book? They told me about Phone2Hotels, a new iPhone app which can help to find a nearest hotel anywhere.
Americans live very comfortably I think. After we settled in the hotel we decided to eat. Another app helped us. It's Phone2Restaurants. So easily! All you need is click one button, see the list of restaurants, then call and reserve the table. Great!
The next day we walked on Chicago!!! My dreams came true! I was happy! We were on the famous Magnificent Mile where we saw Cloud Gate, the very beautiful sculpture. Then we admired the beauty of the Lincoln Park and the Navy Pier. And then I thought that only happy people can live in Chicago.
My friends left me and came home and I continued to explore Chicago.
They gave me an iPhone with all needed apps. One of those apps was Phone2Chicago, a good guide that can help me not to get lost in my favorite city. I love my friends; they are so nice and caring.
With Phone2Chicago I could orientate myself in Chicago without a guide-book. I found and visited all interesting museums and Millennium Park.
I had the best vacation in my life, I will never forget it!”

Thursday, December 30, 2010

You will never forget this New Year’s night!

In the USA as in Western Europe people celebrate Christmas with their families. And what about New Year? This is not a family holiday; it is celebrated on evening-parties with friends. A glass of champagne at midnight and much of fun till next morning are invariable. Highly colored parades, other spectacular events, Christmas sales in popular shops are organized in these holidays.
Traditionally the centre of the New Year’s celebration is the Times Square in New York. Only here at 11:59 P.M. happens the great launch of the big brilliant ball. It’s a symbol of New Year. Much of different colors confetti is falling down from skyscrapers. Here are thousands of people. If you want to have a holiday supper in any restaurant near Times Square, you should reserve the table beforehand. Then you give a special admission and can go on the Square. You can use Phone2Restaurants – a new free iPhone app which could help you to find a needed restaurant, call there and reserve a table. You will do it for 5 minutes!
If you are a guest of New York you should see one of the legendary Broadway’s performances or go on the holiday evening Manhattan streets. Fashion shops make big sales on these days. If you don’t want to get lost in New York - use Phone2NewYork free iPhone app. It’s a perfect guide for you, especially if you are in New York at the first time.
There are many people who want to celebrate New Year in New York. That’s why you don’t have to put off buying air tickets and reserving hotels. If you want to save your time – use Phone2Hotels free iPhone app. Find needed hotel, call them and reserve a room. You can do it using only one app.
After rich festive days in winter New York you can warm oneself under the tropic sun of Miami Beach or go in Disneyland. Choose anything you want!
New Year in the New world – it’s a great idea! You will never forget it!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time for Christmas miracles has come!

The most beautiful, magical, fantastic and wonderful holiday is coming soon! It’s Christmas! People wait for a miracle every year. We make wishes and believe that they will come true it that holly night. It doesn’t matter who we are: children or grown-ups. Christmas has an influence on everyone. And it’s really beautiful! The whole family, one's nearest and dearest will be together. Actually we often have no time to tell our relatives about our love. So Christmas is a very good chance for it. In days like this everyone must feel love!
We should try to make this holiday merry.
I had an unexpected problem this year. Usually I make shopping with my husband and my daughter. My husband is a very good driver and I have never heard about problems with parking. But this time he had to work. He couldn’t help me, that’s why me and my daughter should do it by ourselves.
I have never thought that it’s so difficult – to make Christmas shopping without husband’s help. The next day I drove in the nearest supermarket and was shocked seeing that there was no place for parking. Absolutely. We drove senselessly round supermarket and finally we just returned home.
When I went out of my car I saw Jennifer. She was my neighbour. We said hello to each other and then I asked her where she drove. She said that she wanted to buy food for Christmas day. I told her about my unsuccessful day and warned about problems with parking. But Jennifer told me: “Dear, it’s not a problem for me. Do you want to know why?”

Several days ago she downloaded a new free iPhone app, which can help to solve problems with parking. It’s Phone2Parking which helps you to find a parking place wherever you happen to be from your iPhone. If you know where you want to go, simply go to Phone2Parking free iPhone app, specify a location of interest, discover nearest parking places, call there and ask about the space and price.
That awesome app was my on that evening and the next day I bought everything I wanted in the closest supermarket.
I have no problems with parking anymore!