Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time for Christmas miracles has come!

The most beautiful, magical, fantastic and wonderful holiday is coming soon! It’s Christmas! People wait for a miracle every year. We make wishes and believe that they will come true it that holly night. It doesn’t matter who we are: children or grown-ups. Christmas has an influence on everyone. And it’s really beautiful! The whole family, one's nearest and dearest will be together. Actually we often have no time to tell our relatives about our love. So Christmas is a very good chance for it. In days like this everyone must feel love!
We should try to make this holiday merry.
I had an unexpected problem this year. Usually I make shopping with my husband and my daughter. My husband is a very good driver and I have never heard about problems with parking. But this time he had to work. He couldn’t help me, that’s why me and my daughter should do it by ourselves.
I have never thought that it’s so difficult – to make Christmas shopping without husband’s help. The next day I drove in the nearest supermarket and was shocked seeing that there was no place for parking. Absolutely. We drove senselessly round supermarket and finally we just returned home.
When I went out of my car I saw Jennifer. She was my neighbour. We said hello to each other and then I asked her where she drove. She said that she wanted to buy food for Christmas day. I told her about my unsuccessful day and warned about problems with parking. But Jennifer told me: “Dear, it’s not a problem for me. Do you want to know why?”

Several days ago she downloaded a new free iPhone app, which can help to solve problems with parking. It’s Phone2Parking which helps you to find a parking place wherever you happen to be from your iPhone. If you know where you want to go, simply go to Phone2Parking free iPhone app, specify a location of interest, discover nearest parking places, call there and ask about the space and price.
That awesome app was my on that evening and the next day I bought everything I wanted in the closest supermarket.
I have no problems with parking anymore!

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