Thursday, December 30, 2010

You will never forget this New Year’s night!

In the USA as in Western Europe people celebrate Christmas with their families. And what about New Year? This is not a family holiday; it is celebrated on evening-parties with friends. A glass of champagne at midnight and much of fun till next morning are invariable. Highly colored parades, other spectacular events, Christmas sales in popular shops are organized in these holidays.
Traditionally the centre of the New Year’s celebration is the Times Square in New York. Only here at 11:59 P.M. happens the great launch of the big brilliant ball. It’s a symbol of New Year. Much of different colors confetti is falling down from skyscrapers. Here are thousands of people. If you want to have a holiday supper in any restaurant near Times Square, you should reserve the table beforehand. Then you give a special admission and can go on the Square. You can use Phone2Restaurants – a new free iPhone app which could help you to find a needed restaurant, call there and reserve a table. You will do it for 5 minutes!
If you are a guest of New York you should see one of the legendary Broadway’s performances or go on the holiday evening Manhattan streets. Fashion shops make big sales on these days. If you don’t want to get lost in New York - use Phone2NewYork free iPhone app. It’s a perfect guide for you, especially if you are in New York at the first time.
There are many people who want to celebrate New Year in New York. That’s why you don’t have to put off buying air tickets and reserving hotels. If you want to save your time – use Phone2Hotels free iPhone app. Find needed hotel, call them and reserve a room. You can do it using only one app.
After rich festive days in winter New York you can warm oneself under the tropic sun of Miami Beach or go in Disneyland. Choose anything you want!
New Year in the New world – it’s a great idea! You will never forget it!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time for Christmas miracles has come!

The most beautiful, magical, fantastic and wonderful holiday is coming soon! It’s Christmas! People wait for a miracle every year. We make wishes and believe that they will come true it that holly night. It doesn’t matter who we are: children or grown-ups. Christmas has an influence on everyone. And it’s really beautiful! The whole family, one's nearest and dearest will be together. Actually we often have no time to tell our relatives about our love. So Christmas is a very good chance for it. In days like this everyone must feel love!
We should try to make this holiday merry.
I had an unexpected problem this year. Usually I make shopping with my husband and my daughter. My husband is a very good driver and I have never heard about problems with parking. But this time he had to work. He couldn’t help me, that’s why me and my daughter should do it by ourselves.
I have never thought that it’s so difficult – to make Christmas shopping without husband’s help. The next day I drove in the nearest supermarket and was shocked seeing that there was no place for parking. Absolutely. We drove senselessly round supermarket and finally we just returned home.
When I went out of my car I saw Jennifer. She was my neighbour. We said hello to each other and then I asked her where she drove. She said that she wanted to buy food for Christmas day. I told her about my unsuccessful day and warned about problems with parking. But Jennifer told me: “Dear, it’s not a problem for me. Do you want to know why?”

Several days ago she downloaded a new free iPhone app, which can help to solve problems with parking. It’s Phone2Parking which helps you to find a parking place wherever you happen to be from your iPhone. If you know where you want to go, simply go to Phone2Parking free iPhone app, specify a location of interest, discover nearest parking places, call there and ask about the space and price.
That awesome app was my on that evening and the next day I bought everything I wanted in the closest supermarket.
I have no problems with parking anymore!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Don't Miss the Date with Al Capone!

Everybody has much stresses in their life, that’s why everybody needs a good vacation to relax and to be with family. Chicago is a very good place for it. There are so many attractions that it guarantees you a mass of impressions about vacation.
If you are in Chicago, don’t hurry to use a taxi and better go for a walk. You can see something interesting and special everywhere in that busy city.
A new Phone2Chicago free iPhone app will help you to get to know this city. You will never get lost there. This app can detect your location. You can find anything you want in Chicago by specifying a district.
Today people have many options to find out what they need by either doing a search, or asking real people. Well, the Phone2Chicago iPhone app combines that features.
Facebook interface keeps you in touch with your friends, so you can easily ask them for advice, or share findings. And Community Discussion section is a perfect place to ask real people who live in Chicago, for help. There are situations when people need to ask for advice those who live near them. For example, if you’re looking for a good handyman in Loop, ask for recommendations in that area.

The beautiful architecture is a distinctive trait of Chicago. You get a lot of impressions when you are in the heart of Chicago. You can walk through the Chicago River; go shopping on the Michigan Avenue (The Magnificent Mile) or reserve a tour and see historical skyscrapers.
There are many unique attractions in Chicago: The Sears Tower (earlier it was the highest skyscraper in the world), The Hancock Building Tower (this is a skyscraper of 100 floors with a restaurant and a bar on the top), and Navy Pier (where you can enjoy river tours). Then you can invite the Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, John G. Shedd Aquarium, and The Field Museum of Natural History.
The Magnificent Mile on the Michigan Avenue is the most popular tourist place. It contains a mixture of upscale department stores, restaurants, luxury retailers, residential and commercial buildings, financial services companies and hotels and caters primarily to tourist and the affluent.
Don’t forget to see the Lake Michigan and the Buckingham Fountain.
The Millennium Park is a public park with amazing gardens, fountains, beautiful alleys. There are many shops and restaurants also.
Your trip will be unforgettable if you choose Chicago. Download Phone2Chicago free iPhone app and use it as your personal guide.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nothing to watch in LA? Look better!

So, my first trip to the USA – the land of stereotypes – started on the 2nd of December. We flew to Los Angeles!
I made a conclusion from many stories, that LA is a very boring city which you can look for two days.
I want to tell you that we have 5 days and that was not enough for us.
We orientated well thanks to Phone2LosAngeles, a new free iPhone app. We downloaded it before our trip because this app promised us to find anything and not to get lost in LA. And you know that was real information. We tried it everywhere we wanted and it worked!
At first day we went to see outskirts. Many cafes, restaurants, beautiful Christmas shop windows, illumination – very beautiful! We were on Rodeo Drive - a shopping district famous for designer label and haute couture fashion. We saw a lot of pathos boutiques and big lanterns. And of course there are many different Christmas trees. That was a great place for good photos.
But I think that Santa-Monica is more beautiful place. I like a big clean beach and the ocean…Also I liked a thematic bar Bubba Gump. We found it with Phone2LosAngeles, then called and reserved a table. Lately we also shared our impressions with friends on Facebook and Twitter using the Phone2LosAngeles app. They were glad. This bar was made in the style of “The Forrest Gump” with phrases from the film and other memorable things. We wanted to stay there but we had to go. We needed to sleep before visiting Hollywood next day.
We woke up early the next morning and went to the station Hollywood/Highland. After 2 minutes we came to the Universal City. What remained in our memory? Jurassic Park with the vertical falling in the water, the Mummy with great special effects, the Simpsons and the Shrek in 4D – that was all interesting and fascinating. We took pictures and then went to the CityWalk near studio. We were very tired but very happy.
The last day was the most interesting for me. We were in the Six Flags Magic Mountain. This is a great park. I can’t express my emotions. It was real adrenalin!!!
That was a very good trip with many impressions. And it was very convenient because of Phone2LosAngeles which helped us to organize our tour.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I love New York! And you?

Don’t believe when people say that New York is a cold town, which consists of skyscrapers, neon poster panel advertising, and heap of trash and strange people around.
There are some people, who will say that it’s impossible to love NY. But I don’t know how they can’t love it. The most beautiful time in NY is spring. Trees are covered with pink flowers, the sun shines in skyscraper’s windows.
NY is a pedestrian town. You can reach from one part of this town to another using metro and it will be quicker, than using a car.
If you are a tourist and this is your first meeting with NY, I really envy you. The most interesting things are in the future.
The best way to know NY is to go for a walk in different time of the day or the year. You can find out information about all attractions beforehand.

Phone2NewYork free iPhone app is a good choice for the modern travelers, who prefer to have a comfortable vacation. Your map will never be lost. Phone2NewYork app will help you find literally anything in New York City from your iPhone.
In the morning or afternoon you can see East Side and the Central Park. There are many exotic restaurants in Upper West Side. Central Park is not just a usual park. It’s a well-organized forest with a summer theater and amazing atmosphere. You can meet people who run there, or sunbathe, or just lie on grass.
You can visit the Metropolitan museum of art, Guggenheim Museum and villa’s of local aristocracy. Also you will see Times Square, Broadway, The 5th Avenue.
Using Phone2NewYork you will enjoy your vacation in one the best cities of the world.