Monday, January 10, 2011

From Russia with love!

Usually New Year is celebrated 10 days in Russia. 6 years ago a new law was accepted and now the most of Russians don’t know what to do for so long time. That’s why they are very glad to go to work. Lucky guys!
That’s good if you have a chance to go away. It’s like a little vacation.
My friend Mary had that chance. Her friends have been living in the USA for about six month and invited her to celebrate New Year. She told me about her long week-end: “I flew in the USA before that terrible transport collapse. I’m a lucky girl I think. My friends live in a little town Elmhurst, Illinois. It’s situated near Chicago, the city of my dreams, so I wanted to see it. I don’t know why I like it. Maybe because of gangster’s stories that I heard in my childhood.
We celebrated New Year’s Day at friend’s home in a good company. I really love this holiday, it reminds me of my beautiful childhood, with the decorated tree, long-awaited presents and a big family around the table. Good and happy time!
The next day, at 1st of January, we went to Chicago. My friends didn’t have such long holidays, that’s why they agreed to be with me in Chicago only on the week-end. I wasn’t upset and believed that I would spend my vacation very fun even if I was alone.
My friends reserved the room in the hotel during our journey. I was really surprised. How did they do it without a reference book? They told me about Phone2Hotels, a new iPhone app which can help to find a nearest hotel anywhere.
Americans live very comfortably I think. After we settled in the hotel we decided to eat. Another app helped us. It's Phone2Restaurants. So easily! All you need is click one button, see the list of restaurants, then call and reserve the table. Great!
The next day we walked on Chicago!!! My dreams came true! I was happy! We were on the famous Magnificent Mile where we saw Cloud Gate, the very beautiful sculpture. Then we admired the beauty of the Lincoln Park and the Navy Pier. And then I thought that only happy people can live in Chicago.
My friends left me and came home and I continued to explore Chicago.
They gave me an iPhone with all needed apps. One of those apps was Phone2Chicago, a good guide that can help me not to get lost in my favorite city. I love my friends; they are so nice and caring.
With Phone2Chicago I could orientate myself in Chicago without a guide-book. I found and visited all interesting museums and Millennium Park.
I had the best vacation in my life, I will never forget it!”

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