Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Such thing as planning where to go to have dinner shouldn’t become a problem.

We live in order to eat or we eat in order to live? This is a philosophical question. You can think what you want and choose the only one. But no one will argue with the fact that food is an indispensable means for maintenance strength, health, shape and good mood. Those who say that food is only a way to survive – lose much. Food is a real pleasure and a real skill. I always admire cook’s skill; they cook so tasty things that look beautiful.
In modern world we have no time for cooking. We spend the most part of our life on our job. We can’t cook. We can employ a cook or order food from supermarket. And of course we can eat in restaurant, bar, café or pizzeria. Thanks God there are hundreds of places, in which we can eat. We should only choose the place based on our needs and possibilities.

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