Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No more “I don’t know where I am honey”

By the nature of work, I often have to go on business trips.
Traveling can be among life's greatest pleasures but it can also be frustrating and discouraging.
A week ago I visited Boston for the first time. This was my first trip to Boston alone and frankly speaking I was a bit worried. Boston is not the easiest place to get around, especially when you didn’t have time to organize your trip well. Some business partners of mine told me that they used an iPhone app that helped them orient in another cities and countries with no problem – Phone2Anything, so I’ve decided to take their advice.
I’ve downloaded and installed Phone2Anything to my iPhone, and it turned out to
be beyond my expectations. The app was really useful in my trip.
The amount of hassle and stress this saved me … wow!
Phone2Anything app quickly showed me all the places that I needed to find: a restaurant, a hotel, a gas station…. It even gave me directions to get there, plus phone numbers so I could easily call anywhere! Finding any place was so easily and I could instantly call them.
The interface is simple and intuitive and the information provided is clear and concise.
I would recommend it to anyone who travels, it is a perfect travel companion to manage all the booking, parking, transportation, maps, hotels, restaurant etc. What I really liked to discover, is that Phone2Anything provides connect with Facebook friends and Twitter followers. I can easily share any finding with people on Facebook and Twitter. I even saved the map of the place I was on a business trip, to my photo album on Facebook, so my wife knew where I was and didn’t worry that much.
You know how it always is on board the plane – really boring, so I can take some time to read the Community discussions section of the app. People ask and answer questions there, maybe I can help…
To sum it all up I can tell that Phone2Anything is my favorite app when I travel!

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