Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving Gift

Thanksgiving Day is a great reason to visit relatives that live far away. This is a good chance to gather with the whole family, to communicate with parents, brothers and sisters. We meet our relatives very seldom because of our work. Our career takes much time and we have no time for being with our family.
That’s why all people prefer to return home to receive love and cordiality from closest relatives. In days like this people forget about job, they think about family.
It is also a great chance to celebrate this holiday with friends. But if you want to meet all your friends, you should stay by your kitchen range for a long time. And you will do it, because you want to cook something special and tasty and you want to make something nice for your friends.
My friend Monica had these thoughts, when she invited her friends to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. She wanted to have a good evening, but she didn’t know how hard it is to organize. She invited 10 people. What should she cook to surprise them? It’s not enough just to make a great turkey. Then what?
So, Monica ended up with a headache. She is a really responsible girl and likes to plan all things beforehand. Of course she didn’t want to get to the traffic jam on a way to the supermarket, and stand in a big queue. She wanted to do all things beforehand. Even if she needed just to choose a menu and buy a food.
We live in the XXI century, that’s why no one will read a cookbook. Thanks to Internet technology we can get any information. Monica looked through Google and almost fell asleep. So unnecessary and useless information she found!
Monica was sad but then she remembered one way that will help her to get necessary information. She got a new iPhone app 2 months ago. It’s called Phone2Anything and once helped her to organize a wonderful trip. She decided to know how this app can help her now.
In searching line she entered “Thanksgiving 2010” – and saw places where it can be celebrated. But she didn’t need restaurants, she needed recipes. And she found them. Understandable, simple and tasty – just like she wanted. She asked real people about how they will celebrate that holiday and what they will cook.
Now Monica has time for preparing to Thanksgiving Day and she is sure that it will be a good evening.

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