Monday, November 1, 2010

Make your iPhone more useful

I got my first iPhone on my birthday. I was happy, because I heard many positive references about this device. I had a dream and now it’s true – I have an iPhone! But soon I got a problem. I got accustomed to use a simple phone. I only called and sent messages with it. That’s all, nothing more. But in my mind it’s wrong – to have an iPhone and not to use all its possibilities.
I know it’s strange and sometimes stupid, but there are a lot of people with the same problems. They buy iPhones because it’s fashionable. But they don’t know how to use it. They can boast about it among their classmates or friends, but if they ask:”What can your iPhone do?” – There is a long pause in the talk.
So, I got a problem and decided to solve it. Because I didn’t want to look like a stupid girl among my friends.
I was on some forums and I saw after several consultations that my iPhone can do all! Really can. It takes the place of computers, so I can use Internet due to my iPhone. But it’s not all.
Other users told me that I can download a lot of applications on my iPhone, which will make my life easier, than it was. There are some apps, that can identify my location, so if I get lost somewhere in Texas (where my friends to whom I will go for a week-end, live), my application will show me my location and the nearby. Other applications can find needed objects. So if I want to find a hotel or a restaurant in Texas or somewhere in the USA – I don’t need to use the Internet.
People on that forum advised me to download one new app, Phone2Anything. They said that it’s a real godsend for travellers (as I am) because it not just identifies your current location, shows nearby attractions, and all, it also does a search online, so you can specify any location you’re actually interested in. And the app will treat you as if you are in that location you’ve set up. I wanted to go to Bulgaria, so I can take care of my vacation right now. I can find the best hotel and reserve the room. I can find out information about nearby restaurants and clubs. And I can do that all due to my iPhone. So easy, so quickly.

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