Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I love New York! And you?

Don’t believe when people say that New York is a cold town, which consists of skyscrapers, neon poster panel advertising, and heap of trash and strange people around.
There are some people, who will say that it’s impossible to love NY. But I don’t know how they can’t love it. The most beautiful time in NY is spring. Trees are covered with pink flowers, the sun shines in skyscraper’s windows.
NY is a pedestrian town. You can reach from one part of this town to another using metro and it will be quicker, than using a car.
If you are a tourist and this is your first meeting with NY, I really envy you. The most interesting things are in the future.
The best way to know NY is to go for a walk in different time of the day or the year. You can find out information about all attractions beforehand.

Phone2NewYork free iPhone app is a good choice for the modern travelers, who prefer to have a comfortable vacation. Your map will never be lost. Phone2NewYork app will help you find literally anything in New York City from your iPhone.
In the morning or afternoon you can see East Side and the Central Park. There are many exotic restaurants in Upper West Side. Central Park is not just a usual park. It’s a well-organized forest with a summer theater and amazing atmosphere. You can meet people who run there, or sunbathe, or just lie on grass.
You can visit the Metropolitan museum of art, Guggenheim Museum and villa’s of local aristocracy. Also you will see Times Square, Broadway, The 5th Avenue.
Using Phone2NewYork you will enjoy your vacation in one the best cities of the world.

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