Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nothing to watch in LA? Look better!

So, my first trip to the USA – the land of stereotypes – started on the 2nd of December. We flew to Los Angeles!
I made a conclusion from many stories, that LA is a very boring city which you can look for two days.
I want to tell you that we have 5 days and that was not enough for us.
We orientated well thanks to Phone2LosAngeles, a new free iPhone app. We downloaded it before our trip because this app promised us to find anything and not to get lost in LA. And you know that was real information. We tried it everywhere we wanted and it worked!
At first day we went to see outskirts. Many cafes, restaurants, beautiful Christmas shop windows, illumination – very beautiful! We were on Rodeo Drive - a shopping district famous for designer label and haute couture fashion. We saw a lot of pathos boutiques and big lanterns. And of course there are many different Christmas trees. That was a great place for good photos.
But I think that Santa-Monica is more beautiful place. I like a big clean beach and the ocean…Also I liked a thematic bar Bubba Gump. We found it with Phone2LosAngeles, then called and reserved a table. Lately we also shared our impressions with friends on Facebook and Twitter using the Phone2LosAngeles app. They were glad. This bar was made in the style of “The Forrest Gump” with phrases from the film and other memorable things. We wanted to stay there but we had to go. We needed to sleep before visiting Hollywood next day.
We woke up early the next morning and went to the station Hollywood/Highland. After 2 minutes we came to the Universal City. What remained in our memory? Jurassic Park with the vertical falling in the water, the Mummy with great special effects, the Simpsons and the Shrek in 4D – that was all interesting and fascinating. We took pictures and then went to the CityWalk near studio. We were very tired but very happy.
The last day was the most interesting for me. We were in the Six Flags Magic Mountain. This is a great park. I can’t express my emotions. It was real adrenalin!!!
That was a very good trip with many impressions. And it was very convenient because of Phone2LosAngeles which helped us to organize our tour.

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