Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You also can do it…with this iPhone app.

Have you ever tried to organize a trip? Invite 10 people, choose a place, and worry about food and good holiday. I can tell you with all my experience that it’s impossible. People are very lazy. Even if they like nature and trips, they never prepare for a journey, because they don’t want to plan anything. It’s so boring. They want to be in wonderful place with tasty food and all things for the good holiday. They want somebody to plan their free time. Even if it’s not professionally organized by a firm. I wanted to have a rest with my friends in a wonderful place which is situated in Maine and called Moosehead Cottage Resort.

But actually my friends had no time for planning their holidays. They are planning their business and their secretaries are doing all the rest. That’s why I had only 3 ways: leave my plans and take a rest by myself; not have a rest on the whole; to plan holidays for me and my friends. The third variant seems the best to me. I don’t like loneliness and prefer to be with my friends in a big company, so I decided to plan our week-end by myself.

That was a difficult task, but I did it. One new iPhone application helped me. It’s Phone2Anything. I decided to test it. I wanted to know if the advertisement that promised to make my life easier, was true. At first I chose a beautiful place. Then my app found it on the map and I sent it to my friends on Facebook. So they could find that place even if they live far from each other.

Then I wanted to know, in which supermarket I can buy anything we need for our holiday. One guy, who lives next to me, gave me advice in the Community Discussion section on the app. He recommended a good supermarket. And another guy had a good and safety rest in the same place and shared it in Phone2Anything iPhone app.

So, thanks to this iPhone app I organized a great week-end for me and my friends.
One thing that I have to do is to put our photos on Facebook.

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