Monday, October 11, 2010

Is Your Life Convenient?

Every day we ask ourselves questions. From early morning till late at night. What should I eat? Which suit should I wear in the office? Which present to choose for my husband/wife? What should I cook for a romantic dinner? In what place I can celebrate my birthday with my friends and family? How to get married on Exotic Island and where to celebrate a honeymoon? Where should I spend my vacation? And what if I want to be with my children?
In what town I can attend a good sale? What if in Milan it is better?
Where is the best Christmas tree bazaar? In what shop is the biggest choice of Christmas presents?

There are so many questions, that you can get a headache.
It’s because you must resolve the problem. If you want to live comfortable - get rid of a problem.
The majority of questions can be united in one: “What should I choose?”
So every day we have a problem of choosing something.
But actually the real problem is not “What to choose?” The choice must be good!
In our schools teachers told us: “If you don’t know something – ask!” So we get a key to solution.
But who we should ask? People in the streets? I don’t believe they know all answers.

And one day I found a great solution. It was a new iPhone app Phone2Anything. What is its features and why it’s so good that helps you escape your headache?
It’s very simple. This app was developed to make our life easier than it is now.
You can simply find your location when you are lost.
Are you looking for concrete restaurant, service station or hairdressing salon? Using this app you can find the object that you need, you can call them and ask any question you need.
Convenient? Of course!
And if you don’t know what you want? Ask Phone2Anything and people will give you advice.
They do it with pleasure. They tell you, where you can eat tasty, where you can buy cheaply, where you can have a good vacation by yourself or with children.
And you will be sure that you did the right choice. The real people know what they say. They ate in the same restaurants, they bought things in the same shops and stayed in the same hotels. If they liked it – they gave us a good advice.

Choose Phone2Anything, and make your life more convenient!

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