Friday, October 15, 2010

How I got lucky one day

Have you ever driven down the route 66? Strange question, I know. And I know your answer. Of course you have. Every self-respecting American must have gone by “the Mother” road at once.
And have you ever encountered with some problems during your journey? The route is too long and empty somewhere – so you can get into trouble.
As for me, I didn’t look for problems, I didn’t need them. I rode to my parents. I just wanted to say happy birthday to my mother and give her a present. I see them seldom. Unfortunately, my business takes much time.

So I drove down the Route 66 between Kingman and Hackberry when my car ran out of gas. I don’t know why I didn’t take care about it beforehand. I wanted to see my family and forgot about this trifle…But now my car failed in an empty place. There was only a big field around me and a long road in front. And there are no people…
If that situation happened about 6 month ago, I would be in panic. Seriously, I didn’t know what to do. Sit in my car and wait for somebody to pass by? Senseless. Leave my car and go to find a gas station? But I didn’t know, where I should go, I had no map. You may ask me, why I didn’t call. And where? To whom? There are no such phone numbers in my cell phone. Are they in yours? I’m not sure.

But I was lucky that day. Do you know why? Because 2 weeks ago I downloaded a new iPhone application. It’s Phone2Anything. I know what you say. There are a lot of applications. But this app is special. At first, it determined my location, so I didn’t need a map. I’ve been searching for gas stations and Phone2Anything found them. There were phone numbers, I called without yellow pages. A wrecker arrived and got my car on the gas station – and that was all!

In two hours I embraced my parents and congratulated my mother.
I don’t want to imagine, what I would do without Phone2Anything. It’s a great app for people, who had lost or got into trouble.

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  1. wow, so touchy :)
    thanks guys, this story teaches us not to lose head in complicated situations! There's always a way out.