Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Find Phone2Anything in Social Media

Yes, we have socialized this cool app, so people could find more about it and reach out to Phone2Anything using the sources they've got used to.

So, join our group on LinkedIn, become our fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

You know, it's an interesting thing... people are looking for an app that fits their requirements. And we thought that it's great to create something that would not only be informative, but also convenient to use. That's why we have Community Discussions section - this one is for Phone2Anything users - people can help each other with advice. Simple example. You want to travel to some other country, why use Google? Ask real people to help you with your choice! Post same question via p2a app on Facebook, your friends would surely like to help.
Today people spend much time with their computers, but they spend even more time using their phones.
Phone2Anything application helps bring your life to your phone, to make it more convenient to you.
Discover these options, and we'll come back later to talk about some other stuff.

1 comment:

  1. Love this app! Use it all the time in my business trips. And Community from all over the world makes it so simple to ask for anything!